Soulful Cereal Inc. is offering an opportunity to earn extra income through our Affiliate Program.  You can earn commission-based income by promoting our fantastic designs on our website www.soulfulcereal.comThe program is open to individuals, organizations, fundraising groups, charities, etc.

Once approved, a personal affiliate URL link will be provided to you.  All orders placed using your URL link will be automatically connected to your affiliate account.  With our Affiliate Program, participants will earn 10% of each order SUBTOTAL (less shipping, promotions and taxes).

You can also request a 10% off code for assisting you in promoting our website.  We will create a coupon code for you that will link to your affiliate account. Keeping track of your sales is easy by checking the AFFILIATE section in your profile.  Affiliate program payments are paid quarterly through your PayPal e-mail.

Participants can use social media, blogs, newsletters and other platforms, to promote Soulful Cereal Inc.  Other suggestions are social gatherings, school activities, church meetings, team sports fundraisers and more.  It is free to register. Spread the word, the more you sell the more you earn.

Registering to the Affiliate Program does not create an employee/employer relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture between Soulful Cereal Inc., and the participant.  Affiliate Program participants are not, and shall not represent themselves to be, employees, agents or representatives of Soulful Cereal Inc.

Affiliate Program participants cannot use the program for their own purchases.  The program has been set up as a referral program and is not intended to be a discount strategy for a participant’s own orders.

It is important to understand that all Affiliate Program participants must abide by all anti-spam laws, which prohibit sending e-mails and texts without the recipient’s consent (permission).  The recipient must give their permission for you to make further contact and/or send them additional information relating to the promotions you are offering.  Affiliate Program participants’ accounts that are not active within 3 months will be automatically removed from the program.

If you require our company branding, please send a request to  Modifications to the Soulful Cereal Inc. logo are strictly prohibited without written permission.

Any questions, please contact us at

Affiliate program participants’ accounts are not valid with any other programs and promotions offered by Soulful Cereal Inc. unless otherwise specified.

By checking this box, I affirm that I am the authorized representative named above.  I also understand that I will receive the agreed-to referral payments for each sale that I refer to Soulful Cereal Inc.  I fully understand and agree to the terms and any additional terms listed on the Soulful Cereal Inc. Website at

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